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 where do you get your stuff?

every item is hand picked by the owner. there is no one single source. it comes from anywhere and everywhere. we spend hundreds of hours (sometimes months) seeking out collections from private sellers and continually trying to find the most unique and interesting pieces available. we specifically seek out items with stories attached so if you have something super cool that you think we would be interested in buying, please contact us at: blackshagvintage@gmail.com

why are some of your vintage t shirts so expensive?

the true vintage t shirt market has been exploding for the last 5 years. we specialize in rare vintage graphic and concert t shirts. vintage to us means 20-25 years old or older. in most cases, the only way you could acquire these tees is by purchasing them at the actual concert or in a record store back in the day. the price is based on: historical value, scarcity, age, condition, rarity, size, and ultimately; the online market value. this follows the same criteria as every other vintage collectible market. (ie. sneakers, pokemon cards, cars, comic books, guitars, lp’s, guns, baseball cards, video games, streetwear, etc.) the truth is that most of these vintage t shirts have become luxury items. we spend hours finding, researching, authenticating, cleaning, photographing, and listing these items. these are not the same as the t shirts that you would find in a big fast fashion store.

 do you buy stuff?

yes. please call 615.626.1606 and tell us what you have and then if it is something we are interested in, you can send us photos at blackshagvintage@gmail.com. if you are in nashville you can call us to set up an appointment.

 are your prices firm? do you discount for multiple items?

our prices are firm. we recommend that you sign up for our email newsletter. sometimes we offer discount codes and special offers in addition to access to our new arrivals. we typically send 2 emails a month and we will never sell your email to anyone. we are honored that you would trust us with your email and we do not send desperate spam.